Practical Info

Hotel Reservation

Marrakech offers a wide choice of accommodation to suit the preferences and budgets of all participants. The city boasts a mixture of contemporary hotels in its bustling center and traditional "Riads" – Marrakech's iconic guesthouses that radiate an authentic charm. While you are expected to manage your accommodation arrangements, the AfAS 2024 LOC team is eager to assist by recommending the following hotel:
- Hotel Imperial Plaza (a 4-minute distance from the venue) : 📍Map Location.
- Club alpin Français and Oukaimeden Observatory (for Hackathon students): 📍 Map Location
You can find detailed information on the venue by visiting the page: conference venue
Should you wish to explore the full breadth of what Marrakech has to offer in terms of stay, the following online booking platforms offer reliable services:
- TripAdvisor

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Passport and Visa Information

Visa-Free Entry:
Morocco welcomes citizens from over 66 countries, including but not limited to China, the European Union, North America, Australia, Russia, and numerous African and Asian nations, with visa-free entry privileges.

Visa Exemptions:
For a comprehensive list of countries that benefit from visa exemptions, please visit the official Moroccan Diplomacy website.

E-Visa & AEVM Applications:
If your travel to Morocco necessitates an E-Visa or AEVM (Electronic Travel Authorization to Morocco), ensure you apply and track your application via the Accès Maroc portal.

Visa Status Check:
Uncertain about your visa requirements? Verify your visa status or determine if you need one by visiting Check Your Visa Requirements.

Need Visa Assistance?
Should you have queries or require assistance with Morocco's visa procedures, our dedicated team is ready to assist and guide you. Reach out to us at: We're here to help and look forward to your participation in our conference!

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Letter of Invitation

If you require a formal letter of invitation to attend the conference, please direct your requests to the Organizing Committee at or Note that this invitation assists with travel and visa arrangements only and does not imply financial support.

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Currency and Means of Payment

Official Currency:
- Unit: The Moroccan dirham (abbreviated as MAD or DH).
- Banknotes: Available in denominations of 20, 50, 100, and 200 DH.
- Coins: Denominations include 0.50, 1, 2, 5, and 10 DH, as well as 1, 5, 10, and 20 centimes.
Currency Exchange:
- Where to Exchange: Currency can be exchanged at airports, select hotels, banks, and exchange offices located in tourist squares across Moroccan cities.
- Documentation: A passport is typically required for currency exchange transactions.
Payment Methods:
- Cash: While many establishments accept credit cards, some places, especially those that don't offer card payment options, prefer payment in dirhams.
- Credit Cards: Major international cards like Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted in hotels, certain restaurants, shops, and petrol stations. When using a credit card, the applied exchange rate is the prevailing rate. The commission, usually around 1%, varies based on the issuing institution.
- ATMs: ATMs are conveniently located throughout Morocco. Consult with your bank to identify compatible ATMs for your card.
The value of the exchange rate in real time:
1 Euro = MAD
1 USD to Euro: Euro
1 Euro to MAD: MAD

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Transportation Guide

Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK)
- Overview: Marrakesh Menara Airport serves as the main international gateway to Marrakesh and the broader Marrakesh-Safi region.
- Location: Conveniently situated just 5 kilometers away from the city center, attendees can easily reach the AfAS2024 conference venue and other city attractions.
- Facilities: Awarded by the Skyteam Alliance in 2017 as one of the world's most beautiful airports, it boasts amenities such as banking, foreign exchange, shopping areas featuring a unique "walkthrough" concept, and various dining and relaxation spots.
- Service: Managed by the National Airports Office (ONDA), the airport prides itself on delivering services that meet international standards.

Getting to Marrakech from the Airport
- Shuttle Service for Participants: Dedicated shuttle services will be available for conference attendees. For those arriving outside the shuttle service timings or seeking alternative modes of transportation, the following options are available:
- Taxi Services:
- Pick-up Locations: Taxis are operational 24/7 at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 Arrivals. For a hassle-free experience, bypass the immediate arrivals zone and head to the car park area for more taxi options.
- Fares: A typical fare to the city center is about €6 (MAD 70). Prices can vary based on the time of day and taxi type. For other destinations, such as Menara, expect to pay around €9 (MAD 100) and for Annakhil, around €9.20 (MAD 102). Please note that these fares can change and it's always a good idea to confirm the price before starting your ride.

- Taxi Companies: For a pre-booking or a reliable service, consider Marrakech Taxis (+212 7 62 91 55 49) or Cab Morocco (+212 6 08 60 09 40).

- Bus Shuttle Service:
- Route: Bus line 19 connects the airport to major city landmarks including Jemaa el-Fna Square and the Marrakech train station.
- Frequency: Buses, operated by ALSA, run at intervals of 20-30 minutes.
- Fare: A single journey is priced at €3.

Alternative Ways to Reach Marrakech
- By Air:
- Royal Air Morocco connects Casablanca to 14 African countries, including Mauritania and Senegal.

- By Train:
- For attendees coming from cities like Casablanca or Rabat, the train is a practical choice. Marrakech's central train station is well-positioned for easy access to the conference venue and other attractions. More details can be found on the ONCF website.

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About Marrakech

Marrakesh, the "Red City" or "Ochre City," is a major hub of Morocco, characterized by its vibrant culture, history, and unique architecture. From its founding in 1062 to its status as a significant trading center, Marrakesh seamlessly melds its historical roots with contemporary vibes. Whether you're exploring the bustling Jemaa el-Fnaa, acclaimed as Africa's liveliest square, or visiting the city's many souks, riads, madrasas, palaces, and gardens, Marrakesh promises an unforgettable journey into Moroccan heritage. The city is also home to numerous universities, sports clubs, and hosts international sport and cultural events.

Navigating Marrakech
- Taxis: The most popular mode of transportation in Marrakech, taxis are perfect for reaching landmarks, especially the iconic Jamaa el Fna Square.
- Bicycle and Motorcycle Rentals: For those looking to navigate the city at their own pace, Marrakech offers bicycle, scooter, and motorcycle rentals. Médina Bike Marrakech has multiple parking locations throughout the city, open 24/7 for your convenience.
- Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides: Experience Marrakech's charm with a traditional horse-drawn carriage ride. Ideal for short trips, these carriages offer a unique perspective of the city's narrow alleys and bustling medinas. If you're up for it, walking tours of the medina are also a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere.

Explore More of Marrakesh
For an in-depth guide to Marrakesh and its attractions, consider visiting the official website of the Moroccan National Tourism Office (MNTO). It's a treasure trove of information, aimed at presenting the best of Morocco to global travelers. Visit Marrakesh with MNTO

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About Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco, a country in North Africa, is known for its rugged mountains, sweeping desert landscapes, and stunning coastlines along both the Atlantic and Mediterranean.
With a population exceeding 38 million and a rich history of independence and cultural diversity, Morocco is a constitutional monarchy where power is shared between the government and the parliament. The nation's unique blend of Arab, Andalous, Berber, African, and European influences resonates in its culture, language, and architecture.

Cities That Tell a Story
Each of Morocco's major cities paints a different picture:
- Rabat: The capital city, a blend of the historic and the modern.
- Casablanca: Known for its cosmopolitan flair and the iconic Hassan II Mosque.
- Tangier: A coastal city with a rich history of international intrigue.
- Fes: A medieval city that's home to one of the world's oldest universities.
- Agadir: A beach resort town renowned for its golden sands and vibrant nightlife.
- Dakhla: Situated in the heart of the Sahara, Dakhla is famed for its pristine lagoons, water sports, and unique desert landscapes.

Discover more: Visit Morocco with MNTO

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